Mt. Rose opens to skiing, snowboarding a weekend early

It’s the earliest ski season on record at Mt. Rose. The resort is opening to pass-holders today for both skiing and snow-boarder. The resort had planned to open next weekend, but calls it a big bonus to get in an extra weekend out on the slopes. Two-million in improvements, including 15 additional automated snow-making towers made it possible.

Report shows brothels linked to human trafficking in Lyon Co.

A scathing report comes out ahead of a ballot question that could determine the fate of brothels in Lyon County. The sheriff’s office says compliance reports from four Lyon County brothels link 30 percent of prostitutes to human trafficking. The sheriff says if brothels stick around he’ll hire a deputy devoted to background checks. In a few weeks, voters will head to the polls to determine how they feel about brothels; if they vote yes, that means county commissioners could get the final say on the controversial issue.

Astronauts dive into Lake Tahoe for training

Lake Tahoe is out of this world. It’s being used for astronaut training. News 4 reports AdvancingX based in Sacramento has astronauts in training plunging into the waters to perform tasks that help them prepare for space missions. They say being underwater creates the same zero-gravity feeling and communication difficulties experienced in space.

Genoa hires interim town manager

Genoa has a new interim town manager. Former Douglas County community relations manager Melissa Blosser will take over at a salary of $4,500 a month for up to six months. Former Town Manager Phil Ritger is the new public works director for Douglas County.

Silver Springs eyesore being cleaned up

An eyesore is no more near Silver Springs. The BLM has contracted a company to clean a large illegal dump site. The company is removing large trash items and hazardous materials at a cost of more than $65,000.

Reno masseuse charged with sexually assaulting women

A Reno man is accused of sexually assaulting women on the job. Police say Arnel Tomas, who’s a licensed masseuse sexually assaulted first-time female clients who paid for a massage in late September and last year.

Girl hit by car in Sparks

A girl is hit by a car in Sparks. Police say the girl was struck in a marked crosswalk along Baring Boulevard last night. She was hospitalized.

Heller-Rosen Debate Tonight

One of the closest battles Senate races this year involves a neck-and-neck Nevada contest between incumbent Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Jacky Rosen, who will meet in their first and only debate Friday night in Las Vegas.
Heller is considered the most vulnerable Republican senator running for re-election this year because he’s the only one running in a state that Democrat Hillary Clinton won, but during the last midterm elections in 2014, Democrats stayed home and Republicans won key races across the state.

Trump Holds Rally in Elko Saturday

President Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Elko tomorrow morning at
11:00 a.m. at Mountain West Aviation Elko Regional Airport.
The swing is part of an aggressive fall campaign push by the president to energize Republicans and encourage them to vote on Nov. 6 to keep Republicans in control of both houses of Congress. . Meanwhile, Former Vice President Joe Biden will also visit Las Vegas that same day. Then on Monday, Former President Barack Obama will campaign, also in Las Vegas. Early voting in Nevada begins Saturday, October 20th and ends Friday, November 2nd.

Report: UNR to spend $2M more to actually make Mackay Stadium ADA compliant

The University of Nevada Reno will spend $2 million dollars to fix mistakes in its multi-million-dollar renovation to Mackay Stadium. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports the university promised it would make its stadium ADA compliant, but even after spending $14 million, fans in the so-called wheelchair section can’ barely see the field. The plans didn’t account for players standing on the sidelines that block the view. Wheelchair lifts are also reportedly broken.