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Bodies could be exhumed from Reno’s oldest cemetery

Bodies are being dug up from a privately-owned historic cemetery. News 4 reports 800 bodies at Hillside Cemetery–the city’s oldest cemetery–will be disinterred and relocated to another part of the cemetery at the end of next month. Sierra Memorial Gardens which owns the cemetery is calling the move a preservation project saying the cemetery has fallen into disrepair, but many families believe it’s so Sierra Memorial Gardens can sell the prime real estate that’s next to the University of Nevada Reno to a developer. Many argue it’s disrespectful to the dead.

Drought, bark beetle putting Tahoe trees at risk

Trees are dying on Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports the drought is contributing to a spike in the bark beetle, and that population is killing trees. The hardest hit areas are in the Sierra, but the paper reports 66 million trees are dead in California and Lake Tahoe forests are at high risk. So far, more than 250 dead trees have been removed from the Tahoe Basin to prevent the spread of the fungus brought by the beetle.

Parents Hear Facts About School Overcrowding.

At a town hall meeting on school overcrowding last night, some Washoe County parents were stunned to learn that their children could be forced to wait at bus stops as early as 4:30 am. Overcrowding is forcing at least three elementary schools to switch to year-round, multi-track school schedules. This means that their school schedules would extend further through the summer months, and school start and end times would be staggered. There will be a measure on the November ballot to fund construction and repair of local schools.

Reopened Fire Station Won’t Be Used For Firefighting

A Reno fire station that was shut down due to budget cuts in 2010 is back in business, but not fighting fires. Station 7 on Skyline Boulevard was reopened yesterday to house a medical response unit. Firefighters say up to 80 percent of their calls are for medical emergencies. The move was made possible after the city council approved the hiring of 32 firefighters.

More Jobs Coming To Downtown Reno

More jobs coming to downtown Reno. CAEK Incorporated is moving it’s management team downtown, along with about 150 jobs. CAEK is a software company. They developed a program for medical providers that helps them comply with federal privacy laws. A spokesperson said they will build their workforce in Northern Nevada over the next five years, with starting salaries at about $27 an hour. Hiring is expected to begin in October.

Firefighters train in motel slated for demo

Reno firefighters are taking advantage of a motel slated for demolition. KOLO-TV reports firefighters are using the Golden West Motor Lodge as a training ground. Since it’s going to be torn down anyway, crews can break down walls and see how fire could overcome one of the city’s many motels.

Silver Springs man convicted of murder

A Silver Springs man is heading to prison for life. 37-year-old Ryan Coddington was found guilty of first-degree murder. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says he killed Alea Clark and burned her remains at Lake Lahontan-dumping them in separate locations.

Software company moves HQ to downtown Reno, bringing 150 jobs

More than 150 jobs are coming to Reno. News 4 reports the female-founded software company CAEK is moving its headquarters from Arkansas to the Biggest Little City. Governor Brian Sandoval made the announcement Monday at the El Dorado.

Sun Valley woman convicted of DUI that seriously injured 2

A Sun Valley woman could head to prison for the rest of her life after being convicted of DUI. 2 News reports prosecutors say 25-year-old Nicole Cote rear-ended a vehicle in traffic in 2014 and then continued to travel and struck another vehicle, where she seriously injured two people. Prosecutors say one of the victims broke seven ribs and punctured a lung and kidney. A second victim suffered a brain injury and was in a coma. Prosecutors say Cote was drunk and her level of marijuana was three times the legal limit. She faces 40 years in prison.

Historic museum in Carson City hit twice by arson

Investigators are searching for the person who twice set fire to a historic house and museum in the state’s capital. Carson City fire officials say they responded to early morning arsons both Sunday and Monday at the Foreman Roberts House. Both fires caused moderate damage to the museum, which is a part of the National Historic Register. Secret Witness is offering a $1,000 for an arrest and prosecution in the case.