Convicted murderer could get new trial

An overturned murder conviction has the victim’s family crying foul…more from Lin McDowell…

((Leonardo Cardoza was convicted in the killing of 19 year old Desiree’ Bragg in January 2013. The Nevada Supreme Court recently overturned the murder conviction because first degree murder was not defined correctly by the judge. Now, Cardoza could get a new trial.

News 4 is reporting the lawyer for Cardoza, Allison Joffee, says the evidence presented in the 2014 murder trial was wrong and she plans to present a completely different side of the story in hopes of reducing Cardoza’s original sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Desiree’s family was devastated when they found out there could be a new trial.

The Carson City District Attorney must make a request for all seven Nevada Supreme Court Justices to hear the appeal before a new trial is set. I’m Lin McDowell))