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Helicopter goes down

A helicopter crashed in Douglas County on Wednesday. It happened just south of Gardnerville in the Horseshoe Bend area. One person was on board the helicopter when it went down, and that man was able to walk away and call someone to take him to a hospital. It’s not clear how badly he was injured. The cause is under investigation.

Toddler Dies After Incident On Kerr Lake

A 3-year-old boy has died as the results of injuries suffered in an incident at North Bend Park on Sunday. Mecklenberg County Sheriff Bobby Hawkins says the child was hospitalized after what was called a near-drowning in Kerr Lake. He passed away on Tuesday afternoon. The little boy was visiting the lake with a church group when it happened.

Mom Who Abandoned Baby in Woods to be Tried for Attempted Murder

A Nathalie woman who abandoned her baby in the woods has been ordered to stand trial for attempted first degree murder and felony child abuse. Rachel Marie Pittman is accused of leaving her 5-month-old daughter lying on the ground in a wooded area five miles from home earlier this year. Pittman initially told police that someone had taken her baby. She finally led police to the child, who had survived 17 hours in the woods alone. Pittman’s trial will begin October 28th. Judge Joel Cunningham has ordered a psychological evaluation to determine Pittman’s sanity at the time the crime was committed.

Parking Lot to Become Outdoor Plaza

A parking lot at the corner of Chestnut and Breckenridge is now destined to become an outdoor plaza as part of the new Breckenridge Commons. The Henderson City Council has voted to donate the city owned lot to the Embassy Cultural Center Foundation, which helped raise money for the construction of a new library and performing arts center on Breckenridge Street. The lot was donated on the condition that the foundation pays for landscaping the area and that the work is done before July of 2017. The foundation has also agreed to construct an outdoor pavilion near the Montgomery Street portion of the lot.

County Files Civil Suit Against Reavis

The former Vance County employee accused of embezzling 400-thousand-dollars is facing not only criminal charges, but also a civil suit. The civil suit filed by Vance County alleges that Christa Reavis and her ex-husband Charles Reavis conspired to steal money from the county since 2007. County Attorney Jonathan Care said the suit was filed in hopes that the court orders Reavis to repay the county for the money stolen. Reavis was arrested on August 19th, and charged with 49 counts of forgery and counterfeiting.

Teen Charged With Murder

A Henderson teenager is charged with murder. 17-year-old Kyshaun Norrell is facing a first degree murder charge in connection with the shooting death of Quincy Gregory on Sunday. The gunfire that killed Gregory injured two people in the 600 block of West Rockspring. Gregory was rushed to Maria Parham Medical Center,where authorities locked down the emergency room in case the shooter showed up to finish the job. Gregory was transferred to Duke Medical Center, where he died on Wednesday morning.

Bear Attack Victim May Face Charges

A Lake Tahoe woman who was attacked by a bear recently may face criminal charges for feeding the bears from her yard. Authorities say the woman has been feeding the bears for years. She was recently attacked and treated at the hospital for bites and scratches.

Mass Casualty Drill in South Lake Tahoe Today

Lots of lights and sirens in the City of South Lake Tahoe today, but no need to be alarmed. It’s a drill. They city is taking part in a Mass Casualty Incident training. The scenario involves a plane crash at Lake Tahoe Airport with multiple casualties.

Police Search for Drive By Vehicle

Reno police are searching for a vehicle that might have been used in a drive-by shooting on Sunday morning. It happened on Grove Streetnear Wrondel Way around 10 am. Witnesses reported that they saw a green VW Jetta leaving the scene of a shooting, in which bullets struck multiple parked cars . No one was hurt.

Suspect Arrested in Yogurt Shop Robbery

A man with a gun ruined a perfectly nice trip to the frozen yogurt store for some Reno residents on Sunday afternoon. The gunman threatened the clerk at the Honey Treat Yogurt shop on Smithridge Drive around 3 pm and got away with an undetermined amount of money. However police made a quick arrest. 20 year old Travis Mattoon is behind bars in conection with that stickup.